The Insults Game

The card game that gets personal

The Insults Game is all about banter through the glorious medium of insults. Hilariously abuse your friends by playing together after you’ve all downloaded the app. And look out for our logo at the bottom of this page…

Each round, a player reads out an introduction – this player is the “target”, and everyone else must create and submit their own rude and unique ending to the target’s introduction.

The target then chooses the best insult based on how personal, horrible, and hilarious it is. The player that submitted this winning insult gets a point, and a new round is started with a different player as the target.

There are two different game modes:

1. Classic – based on the card game featured in KillerStartups,, and Big Boss Battle, players are provided with a list of words which they can combine to create their insults.

2. Bold – players have the freedom to type in whatever insults they can muster from their twisted imaginations.

The game ends whenever you decide (or when someone stomps off in a huff). The player with the most points is crowned “the worst person in the room”, and will undoubtedly have fewer friends than they started with.

We do not retain any of your data.